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Turf Program


Lawns need nutrients to grow and maintain their health. However, lawns can quickly deplete the soil of these essential nutrients, especially in heavily used areas,such as home lawns. By fertilizing your lawn, we can provide it with the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

  Our program consists of 5 applications of fertilizer, grub control and lime. We find this program gives exceptional results  that you expect from your fertilizing service.

Chemistry in everyday life!

Our goal is to make your lawn a beautiful part of your landscape. Our program is designed not only to supply the nutrients it needs but to correct the soil chemistry,

This will enable the lawns to thrive, become more drought tolerant and recover more quickly from environmental stresses. By correcting underlying issues in the soil we are able to achieve this.



We fertilize five times throughout the season. Each application has nutrients to help your lawn grow and flourish! Soil conditioners and insect control are applied to enhance the fertilizer application and to ward off insects at times they are most active.

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Grub Control


Grubs can damage a lawn very quickly. The best approach is to defend the lawn early in the season with season long control.

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Lime is an important step in providing your lawn with the best results. It not only helps with Ph but with the soil structure itself.

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